If there is one thing you need to know about the Honda FourTrax 300 4×4, it’s that this mean machine lasts a long time. With durable steel frames and a plastic exterior, an undemanding and a reliable engine, and efficient handling and manoeuverability, the FourTrax 300 is the poster child of all-terrain vehicles in terms of quality.

What riders liked about the FourTrax 300, it’s the ATV’s robust make, as well as its zero-maintenance drive shaft. Whether you’re riding across rough trails, muddy holes, or even shallow waters, this four-wheeler can survive it without any hitches at all. Moreover, with its automatic clutch, five-speed transmission, and with the inclusion of a reverse gear, some people find the FourTrax 300 a suitable ATV for first-time learners.

This four-wheeler sports a four-stroke, single-cylinder single overhead cam engine, which had a displacement of 282 cubic centimetres. With its rugged design, the FourTrax 300 is indeed not just a vehicle for leisurely activities, but it’s also a piece of outstanding equipment that can perform heavy grunt work.

Hailing from a lineup of 4-wheeled ATVs, this quad replaced the 246-cc FourTrax 250X in 1988. While this 300-class ATV graced Honda’s show-floor, it sold more than 500,000 units and became one of the highest-selling quads. If that figure proved anything, it’s that the Honda FourTrax 300 has what it takes to lead the competition among anything else, performance-wise and all.

The FourTrax 300 stayed in production for 12 years straight until the Rancher replaced this beast of a machine in 2000. Despite this, the Honda FourTrax 300 and its legacy continue to live on, especially among ATV enthusiasts.

What Are the Different Models of the Honda FourTrax 300?

The Honda FourTrax 300 comes in two different models: the 2WD version (TRX300) and the 4WD (TRX300FW). Thanks to their exceptional toughness and multifunctional capabilities both the 4×2 and 4×4 FourTrax 300 models became Honda’s record-breaking ATVs in the FourTrax series.

How Much Is a Honda FourTrax 300?

According to www.nadaguides.com, the retail value of a 1999 Honda FourTrax (TRX300X) may range between $840 and $4,399. Meanwhile, a 1999 4WD FourTrax 4×4 (TRX300FWX) may range between $910 and $5,199.

The earliest 4×4 models, such as the 1991 and 1992 (TRX300FWM and TRX300FWN, respectively) may fetch around $360 or $2,350. The price is dependent on factors like frequency of use, year, and variant, including upgrades or mods. Here are a few 4WD FourTrax 300 models and their corresponding prices. All the information below is based on nadaguides.com.

Year / ModelSuggested List ValueLow / Average Value
1996 / TRX300FWT$5,149$675 / $890
1997 / TRX300FWV$5,199$725 / $955
1998 / TRX300FWW$5,199$770 / $1,015
2000 / TRX300FWY$5,199$950 / $1,250

Honda FourTrax 300 4×4 Specifications and Other Features


This quad gets its power from a single-cylinder, four-stroke SOHC engine with an air cooling system. Its valve train has a chain-driven design. With a displacement of 282 ccs, the FourTrax’s engine has a bore of 74 millimetres (2.91 inches) and a stroke of 65.5 millimetres (2.58 inches). Additionally, the 32-millimetre carburettor has a compression rate of 9:1.

This four-wheeler runs on unleaded gasoline with either a 91 RON or 86 PON grade and should contain low ethanol and methanol content (10% and 5%, respectively). The Honda FourTrax 300 can generate torque of up to 30 lbs/ft at 3,500 rpm, and horsepower of 20.


For this ATV, you can use either a Pro Honda GN4 or HP4 4-stroke oil. Also, oils types with a viscosity of 10W-40 will work perfectly. Depending on the current outdoor temperature, you may also use 5W or 20W-50 variants. The FourTrax has an oil capacity of 2.6 US quarts (2.5 litres) during disassembly and 2.3 US quarts (2.2 litres) when draining.


The FourTrax 300’s has an electric starter motor system with a capacitor discharge ignition (CDI). Also, it has an auxiliary kick-starter that serves as standby. This vehicle uses an NGK DPR8EA-9 spark plug and a 12V 12AH (200 CCA) battery.


Along with an extra-low first gear, the Honda FourTrax 300 has a five-speed transmission and reverse gear. This quad boasts a zero-maintenance drive shaft which many owners enjoy. Moreover, the FourTrax 300 is fitted with centrifugal and wet, multi-plate systems. The gear and reduction ratios of this ATV are as follows:

Reduction and Gear RatioGear Values
Primary2.407 (65/27)
Secondary5.554 (Front); 1.462 X 3.889 (Rear)
Low First4.083 (49/12)
First2.389 (43/18)
Second1.609 (37/23)
Third1.179 (33/28)
Fourth0.848 (28/33)
Reverse5.397 (34/12 X 40/21)

Tyres and Brakes

The tyre sizes for a stock FourTrax 300 are typically AT23 x 8-11 for the front wheels, while AT 24 x 9-11 for the rear. Regarding the sizes of the rim, the 300 has 11 x 6.5 AT and 11 x 7.5 for the front and rear, respectively.

Though the maintaining tyre air pressure should be at 2.9 psi, the minimal pressure should always be at 2.5 psi.  However, in warm weather, you may raise the tyre air pressure by 3.3 psi. Moreover, the front wheels of the FourTrax 300 have dual-sealed hydraulic drum brakes, while the rear is fitted with a cable-operated shoe brake.


The FourTrax 300’s front suspension is a double-wishbone independent suspension, which gives this quad better handling capability on rough and uneven terrain. In the rear, the vehicle uses a swing arm suspension design. In addition, this vehicle has a limited-slip front differential, which gives it torque-sensing capability.  

This utility ATV is also fitted with double-tube dampers on both suspension systems, which provides riders with a smoother trail-riding experience. With a five-degree caster angle, this ATV has a travel clearance of 5.1 inches (130 mm) on both front and rear wheels and a decent turning radius of 8.2 feet. The caster angle on the 1996 models was later modified to 7 degrees.


The Honda FourTrax 300 4×4 has a length of 75.2 inches (1,910 mm), a width of 45.6 inches (1,157 mm), and a height of 42.4 inches (1,077 mm). The wheelbase and ground clearance is 48.8 inches (1,239 mm) and 6.3 inches (160 mm), respectively. While the seat height is 30.8 inches (783 mm), the height of the footpegs is 11.7 inches (297 mm).


Overall, the dry weight of a Fourtrax 300 is 487 lbs. (221 kg), while the curb is 527 lbs. (239 kg). Its maximum weight capacity is 385 lbs. (175 kg). The front and rear tube racks, meanwhile, can carry 66 lbs. (29.9 kg) and 132 lbs. (59.9 kg), respectively. Moreover, this quad can haul stuff that weighs a jaw-dropping 850 lbs. (385.6 kg).


The Fourtrax 300 has a double-cradle steel frame and sturdy plastic panels. The four-wheeler also has 2.4-gallon storage situated in the rear end. This multipurpose ATV also has tie-down racks on the front and rear of the vehicle, which can be handy sometimes. There are skid plates on the underside of the quad to protect the engine and other vital components.

This utility ATV also comes with light indicators for the oil, reverse, and neutral gears between the handlebars. Aside from these, the FourTrax 300 is equipped with twin headlights and a taillight.

Top Speed

Similar to other ATVs in the series, the FourTrax 300 has a top speed of 45 mph on a level surface. Though some owners claim going above that number with an earlier model, they also mentioned that the FourTrax’s engine would be making loud noises at that rate.

However, as a utility ATV, the 300 is built to perform hard work and tow heavy loads. Going beyond that 45 miles an hour may appear counterintuitive, especially if you’re carrying that much weight. Besides, the FourTrax 300 is created to perform backbreaking donkeywork.

In fact, the 300 is so adaptable in accomplishing tasks: it can haul, shovel, and transport heavy cargoes from one place to another. That’s why, apart from ATV enthusiasts, the FourTrax remains a favourite among farmers and ranchers.  

Pros and Cons of a Honda FourTrax 300


Maintenance-Free Drive Shaft

One of the attractive features of the FourTrax 300 is its zero-maintenance drive shafts. Generally, these components are the most crucial equipment in an ATV. That’s why it is essential to have them checked whenever possible. These parts should be greased whenever possible to avoid wearing. Somehow, the FourTrax 300 has gotten rid of that hassle for you, and that’s saying something.

Extremely Sturdy

Durability is a key factor that we never take for granted when looking for an ATV. Fortunately, the FourTrax 300 has a lot of that. With its sturdy plastic exterior and chassis, this vehicle is an impressive juggernaut when it comes to performing hard work. Whether you’re out ploughing snow, towing heavy materials, or riding challenging trails, this grunt can help you accomplish these things with remarkable results.  

Back-up Kickstarter

When exploring trails, there are instances in which traversing muddy or swampy terrain becomes inevitable. It’s during these occasions that the electronics in the FourTrax like the CDI may get wet and start to malfunction. This incident may result in either a hard or no start at all. A spent spark plug does the same thing, too.

However, with a kickstarter, you can start your Honda FourTrax 300 any hassle. This supplementary recoil starter in the FourTrax—which comes in the form of a kickstarter—becomes a handy, valuable feature, especially in times of emergency.


Low Ground Clearance

Like the 2000 FourTrax Rancher 350 that superseded the FourTrax 300, the 300 only has a ground clearance of only 6.3 inches. In fact, that number is nearly an inch lower than the Rancher 350. This feature can be a problem when clearing bumps and other protrusions sticking out of rocky terrains, such as a small boulder or a stump of a tree. 

As a remedy to this problem, you can add 2 to 3-inch lifts on your FourTrax. Also, you can opt for bigger tyre sizes. Alternatively, you can replace the tyres with bigger ones. A good tyre size that will help increase ground clearance is AT24×8-11 for the front and AT25×12-9 for the rear. Just look out for tyres rubbing against the muffler, fenders, or other crucial parts of your FourTrax 300.

Spline and Rear Axle Maintenance

For some ATV mechanics, the spline on the rear axle is one of the commonest problems of the FourTrax 300. That’s because that part—the one that passes through the rear differential—does not get lubricated that often. Over time, dirt can get into the differential through the spline, and may lead to serious problems to your Honda FourTrax 300. The best way to avoid this problem is to put grease around the spline. Otherwise, if this issue worsens and becomes a concern, you might end up replacing both your axle and differential at the same time.

Additional Benefits and Disadvantages of the Honda FourTrax 300

The Honda FourTrax 300 definitely is both a mover and shaker in the world of utility ATVs given its toughness, reliability, and overall performance. Besides, this quad would not have made it to Honda’s record books if it weren’t for those qualities. However, the FourTrax is not the type that gets the best of both worlds. It has its drawbacks despite its remarkable status. Below is a list of what makes the Honda FourTrax 300 great, as well as its limitations.


  • Ideal entry-level ATV
  • Impressive towing and carrying capacity
  • Excellent fuel economy
  • Easy-to-maintain front and rear suspension designs
  • Sizable fuel tank with reservoir
  • Skid plate for underside protection
  • Low ground clearance for stability
  • Exceptional torque and horsepower
  • Good ergonomics
  • Runs on different oil types


  • Short wheel travel
  • Wider turning radius
  • Low top speed
  • Picky fuel requirement
  • Diminishing top speed due to problems in the drivetrain

What Makes the Honda FourTrax 300 4×4 a Great ATV?

After a 12-year-long production run and raking in half a million bucks, the Honda FourTrax 300 has earned its rightful place as one of the best-selling ATVs. Of course, this designation was based on the quad’s amazing features and performance as a utility and off-road vehicle.

Its powerful torque coupled with its decent top speed—thanks to its 282-cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine—proves that the 300 is an awesome workhorse that’s capable of towing awfully heavy loads. Plus, its maintenance-free drive shaft is proof of its convenience and practicality. Its entry-level features, also demonstrate that it’s a family ATV, among anything else.

Aside from those, owners always comment on how robust the Honda FourTrax 300 is—a feature that is probably this quad’s main selling point. When it comes to reliable ATVs, everyone’s a sucker for durability. With a reliable and easy-to-maintain suspension system, this quad is suitable not just for the hard-working folks in farms or ranches, but also for trail explorers and off-roading aficionados.

However, some riders may find the low ground clearance a cause of concern drawback, especially for those who love riding across rocky terrain. Despite this limitation, these quads can be rectified through mods and upgrades. With that said, the Honda FourTrax 300 isn’t just a great off-road, but one of the most iconic ad outstanding off-road vehicles for everyone.

About the Manufacturer

The people in Honda Motor Company are the geniuses behind the Honda FourTrax 300. This multinational corporation is one of the trailblazers in developing AI, robotics, and automotive hybrid engine innovation. Apart from manufacturing motorcycles, which Honda is known for across the globe, the firm also focuses on producing power products, utility engines, and even aeronautics technology. Founded in 1959, the corporation is currently one of the largest producers of internal combustion engines.

Final Takeaway

The Honda FourTrax 300 is one of the exceptional utility ATVs ever made, bar none. The quad’s durable frame, paired with its superb design and performance, offers convenience and reliability. With its high-quality and entry-level features, combined with its rugged and practical appeal, the Fourtrax 300 is both a workhorse and a perfect off-road vehicle for trail riders and ATV connoisseurs. Though technically a vintage, FourTrax 300 popularity is a testament to its legendary status as one of the best-selling quads of all time.