Regardless of the weather, Louisiana continues to be a treasure trove of thrill and adventure for both children and adults alike. That’s because if there’s anything worth visiting in the Pelican State aside from the gators and the frog legs, that would be the ATV courses found throughout the region.

If you’ve—or planning to—come to the Bayou to conquer the mud trails, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because we have gathered ten popular recreational sites where you can cross mud trails or race along dirt tracks with your favourite ATV. Also, these parks and trail systems don’t just permit four-wheeled off-highway vehicles (OHV) but are also ideal for both adults and young ones. These ATV parks are as follows:

1. Claiborne Multi-Use Trails

Back before this place became a popular ATV trail, the Claiborne Multi-Use Trails served as a training ground in World War 2. Today, it’s a site for adventure seekers and trail explorers who have a penchant for horseback and OHV riding. Ran and protected by the US Forest Service, this Claiborne Multi-Use Trails stretches for as long as 70 miles, giving ATV enthusiasts enough space to roam around.

There are three different types of trails for quad riders, and each is characterized by its distance and level of difficulty. These trails are Woodworth Loop, which goes for a good 27 miles, North Loop, which is 19 miles, and Boy Scout Loop, which runs for as far as 31 miles. All of these trails have minimal difficulty features, so it’s a great place for first-time riders to test their skills.

2. High Lifter Proving Grounds

Whether you own a quad or side by side, this OHV recreation area offers tons of trails that every trail buff will surely enjoy. With around 547 acres, the High Lifter Proving Grounds offers nothing but excitement and adventure to the whole family.

True to its name, the High Lifter Proving Grounds will put your quad and SxS to the test as it is littered with mud and swamp holes—a real trial by mud, if you may. If you’re not a fan of mud, though, there are other options like the dirt and forested trails that allow you to navigate across the open or through the dense patch of trees. All of which are perfect for both first time ATV riders and beginners alike. 

Even though the park does not provide rentals, High Lifter Proving Grounds has terrific perks such as free admission to vehicles and children below 6 years old. Also, the park offers an annual membership pass, which includes amenities like a shower and fresh towels. For more information, you can visit their website at

3.     Cow Bayou ATV Park

What makes this ATV park tick is the fact that it’s a solid beginner-friendly trail, making it a wholesome OHV course for both experienced and first-time ATV riders. Roughly 228 acres in size, the Cow Bayou ATV Park provides riders with easy, navigable terrain that’s filled with swamp and mud all over, which mudding enthusiasts will truly enjoy.

The place also accepts virtually all types of off-road vehicles, which ranges from 2-stroke ATVs and dirt bikes to UTVs and side-by-sides. However, when it comes to restrictions, the park ascertains that every vehicle should be fitted with a spark arrestor or silencer.  

Visitors can set up primitive camps anywhere inside the course. However, riders are advised to come prepared to avoid any hassle. The Cow Bayou ATV Park is open all year round, so you can visit the place any time. The best thing about this is that there’s no entrance fee required. For more information, check out their website at

4. Cooterville Mud Rides

With an off-road trail that stretches for as long as 25 miles, the Cooterville Mud Rides offers challenging mud bogs and swamp holes that every true-blooded ATV enthusiast will love.  Mud holes and peanut butter trails aside, the entire park offers entry-level terrain which is perfect for the entire family. The place also covers a 24-acre lake that is great for fishing and swimming, among other things, giving families different activities to choose from. 

The park is not that finicky with restrictions, so riders need not worry about what types of quads they should bring with them. Likewise, all types of OHV are allowed in Cooterville Mud Rides, giving visitors the freedom to drive the vehicle of their choice.

Among the amenities included in this park are a concessionaire, shower rooms, and restrooms. The Cooterville Mud Rides is open from Friday to Sunday and admission is free. Who says fun should come at a steep cost?

5. Silver Creek Campground

The Silver Creek Campground is ideal if you are eager to find the perfect outdoor getaway that provides single-family camping sites. Also, the place offers riders cabin accommodations, as well as hookup amenities, such as drinking water and electricity, for both RV and tent campers.

More importantly, ATV riding is permitted in the campground, along with dirt bikes and side-by-sides. The place covers more than 100 acres of land and has 10 miles of different trails, which is mostly wooded terrain. For that matter, expect leisurely trail exploration, which is centred on intermediate ATV riders. Other activities also include mud bogging activities, swimming, and fishing.

This campground is open throughout the year. So if you are planning to get quality time with the family and experience laidback off-road trail riding, the Silver Creek Campground can be your perfect option. You are welcome to check their website at


6. Juderman’s ATV Park

If you find thrill in crossing a five-mile trail that’s filled with mud bogs and another swampy terrain, then Juderman’s ATV Park is suitable for you. The 200-acre off-highway vehicle park does not have any restrictions that riders can drive inside the vicinity, save for Jeeps and SUVs.

Riders are allowed to set up primitive camps and tents anywhere inside the park, hookups not included. Among the amenities included are the vault toilets, as well as designated areas for barbecuing and picnicking.  

For a completely fun-filled experience, you can check out the Gone Wild Safari after enjoying a day of riding the trail. Gone Wild Safari is a zoo that’s a five-minute drive from the park. 

7. Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park

This OHV course has a lot to offer riders with its 5,000 acres of mud bogs, dirt trails, and other exciting terrains that will keep your adrenaline pumping. The trails contain different types of terrain difficulty, so this place is ideal for both beginners and veteran ATV operators alike.

As a park that caters to people of all ages, you will find different amenities that range from RV hookups, cabin accommodations, an amphitheatre, a bathhouse, and a designated eating pavilion, among others. Apart from bringing pets, building campfires are also allowed, offering a complete outdoor experience.

With trails that go for 150 miles of multi-trail systems, riders can enjoy the parks’ muddy and swampy terrains with their dirt bikes, ATVs, side-by-sides, and UTVs. However, the Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park is open only when there’s a scheduled event. For more information about this and what the park has to offer, you can visit them on

8. Bonnet Carre Spillway

The 850-acre Bonnet Carre Spillway has a motocross track and motorized trails that offer ideal riding terrains to both amateur and experienced quad riders. Its 20-mile dirt and mud trail, meanwhile, offers a few water crossings and jumps, making it an ideal place for first-timers to learn to ride their ATVs.

Riders are not required to carry permits, so long as their ATVs, UTVs, and side-by-sides have spark arrestors with exhaust silencers. The other regulation that visitors should observe is the 90-decibel noise limit. Also, like any OHV course, vehicles with 2-stroke engines are permitted.

Entrance is free in the Bonnet Carre Spillway. Moreover, there is no issued size limit requirement for the vehicles allowed in the motocross track, so whether dirt bikes and ATVs are allowed inside. This place has a staging area that serves as a parking lot and designated areas for vault toilets. Meanwhile, camping is allowed at the St. Charles Parish Recreation Area, but visitors are required to make a reservation.

9. Camp Livingston Trail Complex

If you love to cruise in the middle of the woods with your ATV, this OHV trail will give you the ride of your life.  Managed by the Catahoula Ranger District, Camp Livingston Trail Complex is a system of trails that loop together, forming a massive 35 miles of multiple-use trail systems.

The place covers about 4,480 acres of land, and it’s filled with terrain that’s ideal for beginners and amateur ATV riders. With the beautiful scenery of pine and hardwood trees, this off-road course is terrific for leisurely trail rides.

Camp Livingston Trail Complex has loose dirt, mud, as well as a handful of hard packs and steep hills, so it’s the perfect roaming grounds ideal for any vehicle, be it an ATV, SxS, or dirt bike. There are also several creeks along the way, so expect some water crossing.

Furthermore, parking and entry fees do not apply in the Camp Livingston Trail Complex. However, riders have to pay a riding fee to the onsite pay station. Unfortunately, this park is prone to flooding, so check the OHV trail hotline before visiting Camp Livingston Trail Complex.

10. Enduro Trails

This off-road trail park offers quad riders a mix of thrill and adventure, thanks to the small jump spots that can be found in the Enduro Trails. ATVs are permitted throughout the trail, except for the Mogul Loop, which is exclusive for dirt bikes and motorcycles only.

Though there are no fees required during entry or setting up camps, camping is restricted only to the Fullerton Lake Campground. Fortunately, this would not be much of an issue because riders have access to water and a shower.

If you plan to take to the 45-mile Enduro Trail, be reminded that the authorities only allow ATVs that are no more than 50 inches wide. Apart from that, ATVs should have spark arrestors and tires with no more than 1” treads. Despite these limitations, the Enduro Trail remains one of the most popular family ATV parks because of its beginner-friendly features and low terrain difficulty.

As you can see, Louisiana is not just about Cajun food parties and the Mardi Gras, but it’s also a haven for ATV enthusiasts throughout the country to both young and old. You are sure to find a place of fun, adventure, and excitement, such as these OHV parks if you know where to look.